Events for Children and Their Families 
“Let the children come to me.  Don’t stop them! 
For the Kingdom of God belongs to those who are like these children.”   Luke 18: 16  NLT 
(No pictures of SOTH children are included on this site to help maintain privacy.)
WOW Children’s Program  =  Word on Wednesdays
September 12
5 PM – 6:30 PM
Children ages 3 through 8th grade 
Free Program 
WOW Program Started September 12                          
The kids have an awesome time singing songs, eating dinner together, learning Bible stories, creating crafts, and just plain having fun. So kids, grab your friends and come have fun experiencing God’s love through friendships.
Ages 3 through 8th Grade 
New Youth Director Mick McGrath  
will be working with Grades 5-8
Wednesday afternoons
beginning September 26 at 4:30 pm as part of our WOW program.
Music is an activity that uses both sides of the brain, and a chime choir requires several individuals to work together to play one instrument. A chime choir is fun and team building. The choir will be led by Susan George.
If your child can count to eight and wants to be part of this fun team,
he/she is welcome to join us.
For questions, email 
Fall Break Program 
Fall Break
October 8 – 13,
8 AM to 4 PM  Monday through Thursday
and 8 AM – 3 PM on Friday
This year the kids will be learning about Moses and the 10  Commandments. 
They will have free time with many activities, as well as an optional art component and chime choir during the week.
Saturday, November 20   9 AM – Noon
Education Building  Room 5 
For Youth Ages 12 and older. The BLAST program is exciting and interactive, providing extensive training in pediatric first aid, household safety, and the fundamentals of childcare. The class is led by Nancy Spahr, Ed.D, MS, RN.
Email to register