Cursilo (ker-see-o) is a Spanish word
that means “short course.”
It is a short course in Christianity
originally developed in Spain.
A Cursillo weekend equips you
through inspiring talks, daily worship, and prayer
to become a more effective follower of Jesus.
During the weekend, you will experience
the joy of God’s grace and Christian friendship.
Is the Holy Spirit touching your heart?
Would you like to attend a Lutheran sponsored
Christian weekend filled with God’s love?
Shepherd of the Hills has over 100 members
who have attended this Cursillo weekend in the past.  
It is a weekend run by lay members of all denomination of Lutheranism throughout Arizona along with a pastor
as as spiritual director.  
It starts on Thursday evening and ends
on Sunday afternoon.
You stay the entire weekend and 
all meals are provided at no cost to you.
This will be
the Year of
  JOY and TRUTH!
1 Corinthians 13:6  
“Love finds no joy
in unrighteousness
but rejoices in the truth.”
If you would be interested in attending or learning more,
please contact Gail Hanson or Roger Miller
or visit the Lutheran Cursillo of Arizona web site.