Worship Support
Many people make worship happen on Sunday mornings. 
Come join a team, get involved and make new friends.
Be a Sunday Servant!
Please contact Julia@sothaz.com in the Office to Volunteer to Help Glorify God
in Our Worship Training provided. No long term commitment required. 
Be welcoming to all, be able to give directions and answer visitor questions.
Pass out bulletins, collect offering and direct worshippers to communion. 
Scripture Readers
Read aloud the lessons
from the Old and
New Testaments.
Lay Assistants
Read prayers and assist pastor during the service.
“Come, let us bow down in worship, let us kneel before the Lord our Maker.”   Psalm 95:6 NIV 
Altar Flowers 
Donate flowers for $25
in memory
or in honor of a special occasion or person.  
Altar Guild
Prepare the altar
for worship with candles, communion, and paraments the color of the season.  
Tech Support 
Prepare the microphones, run the sound board,
record the sermon
and run
the projection system.
Fellowship Food
and Coffee 
Make coffee
and clean up coffee pot
and food Items.